The Belianska Cave

It lies in the national nature reserve Belianske Tatras within the territory of the Tatra National Park. The Belianska Cave belongs among the most visited show caves in Slovakia. The show path is 1,370 m long. The visitor can admire flowstone waterfalls, pagoda stalagmite, pools and many other forms of cave decoration. One of the stops is in the Musical Hall, named after the sound of dripping waters on pool surface. This hall was used for organizing musical concerts of reproduced classical music because of its superior acoustics.

(Admission adults 7.00 €)

The Demänovská Ice Cave

It is located in the national nature reserve Demänovská Valley and in the territory of the Low Tatras National Park. It stands out by occurrence of permanent ice fill, bizarre and mighty shapes of underground spaces, rare cave fauna as well as rich history. The show path goes through mighty river passages interconnected by steep sections. The first part of the tour leads through cave spaces with flowstone decoration and the second part is in the iced spaces of the cave. The show path is 650 m long with vertical span of 48 m.

(Admission adults 7.00 €)

Harmanecká Cave

It is located in the valley of Harmanec to the northwest from Banská Bystrica, in the southern part of the Great Fatra Mts. The total length of the cave is 2,763 m, of which 1,020 m is the show path open for visitors. The Harmanecká Cave ranks among the most important caves in Slovakia by remarkable origin of cave spaces, mighty breakdown domes, high abundance of moonmilk, as well as by the number of wintering bats.

(Admission adults 6.00 €)

Važecká Cave

It is located in the Važecký Karst on the western edge of Važec village between Liptovský Mikuláš and Poprad. The Važecká Cave is one of the most known caves in the northern Slovakia. There is rich snow-white flowstone decoration, small lakes and significant palaeontological finding place of cave bear bones, which lived here and stayed in cave all year long. The length of show path is 235 m.

(Admission adults 4.00 €)