If relax and rest is what you need, we invite you to our new part of the hotel, where we have situated a pool for every age category.

The Pool

The pool of 12x6m parameters has a counter flow, massage spouts, adjustable roofing and is heated. During the cold months it will serve as a cooling pool after sauna.
In the contrast of other pools itis unique due to the fact it uses salt water technology.
Mildly salty, the water in the pool is more comfortable that the „real sea „water. The swimming in this kind of water itis significantly healthier and safer. The benefits of the salt water is that it has antiseptic effects, eliminates creating algae in the water, also eliminates the unpleasant odor of chlorine, does not cause burning or red eyes, does not irritate the skin and is suitable for people with allergies, asthma and sensitive skin.

Usage of the pool

All-day entry

The pool is exclusively for the people registered in the hotel or wellness.

15,00 €  / per day

We also offer use of saunas. The combined sauna has a wider specter of sauning. It is the fuse of the dry and steam sauna with the possibility of applying herbal essences. Itis up to you.

In addition the sauna contains a light therapy for the users.

Finnish – Dry sauna
The effect of the Finnish sauna is beneficial to the body system. The influence of warm water (60°C to 110°C) and low air humidity (10%-30%) results in noticeably dermahaemia and increased body temperature by 1-2°C. The increased blood flow enriches the movement of muscles and joints therefore decreasing the pain from movement. The higher temperature activates the brain which clears the impurities of the skin, so it has a cosmetic effect.
Sauna is considered to be the winterization procedure and is known as a precaution to the diseases caused by the cold weather.
The steam sauna is the type that has high air humidity and temperature from 45°C up to 55°C. This temperature is lower than the one in the Finnish sauna and therefore enables the people that cannot enter the Finnish sauna, due to health reasons, to enter the steam sauna. The light therapy is one of the additional ways of mellowing depression, sleeping disorders of skin difficulties. If you have problems with seasonal depressions caused by the lack of the sunlight, the light therapy is recommended. For the ones not used to this kind of sauna, we have set up a sauna with the salt therapy. It is an inhaling sauna.


Infrasauna is based on a principle of infra-red radiation with special magnesium-oxide healing radiators. In the infrasauna with the salt therapy the maximum temperature reaches from 40°C up to50°C.
The infra-red light does not heat up the air, instead it elevates the body temperature. Infrared light gets under the skin and into the muscle tissue, where it releases the waste materials and toxins, which exit through the glands.
When the body temperature reaches 50°C, the body starts to sweat. The Himalayan salt therapy and salt crystals speed up the detoxication. This salt has a dissolving effect and the crystals help the cleaning of air passages.

After the visit of the saunas you can enjoy and rest. Relax can be enhanced by a soothing massage or with a visit of our bar, where you can find fresh juices made of fruit and vegetables. The bar also offers all sorts of herbal teas which make a pleasant end to the stay in our hotel.

Sauna for 3 hours (min. 4 persons) 15,00 € / a person

Classical massage

Considered to be one of the oldest massages, the classical massage is a summary of massage gropes which aim to relieve the physical and psychologic tension in the muscles. During the manual massage the muscles relax, which has a good effect to the lymphatic system, metabolism, nerve and digestive system.
Application: the back, the neck, upper limbs, lower limbs

Partial massage:  the back, the neck (25 min.) 26,00 €
Whole body massage:  the back, the neck, the lower limbs (45 min.) 36,00 €

Relaxing aromatic massage

Belonging to the branch of the classical massage, the relaxing massage is focused to the complex of light massage grips that cause the muscles to relax and lower the psychological tension. This kind of massage includes an aromatic massage oil. I tis good to the lymphatic system, metabolism, nerve and digestive system,
Application: the back, the neck, upper limbs, lower limbs.

Partial massage: the back, the neck (25 min.) 26,00 €
Whole body massage: the back, the neck, lower limbs (45 min.) 36,00 €

Reflective foot massage

The reflective foot massage is a massage of the reflective spots, reflective areas that are situated on the foot. Reflective areas are the spots that are connected with the inner organs as well as with movement of the human body. During this massage the therapist massages the reflective spot. This kind of massage is relaxing and healing to the inner organs. It affects the lymphatic and digestive system.

Application: feet

Massage: feet (25 min.) 21,00 €
Massage feet tub (15 min.) 4,00 €

Head massage

The head massage is highly relaxing massage and helps decreasing stress and eliminating depressive mood. Heals migraines and headaches. During the massage the person is in the sitting position.

Application: shoulders, neck, head

Massage: shoulders, neck, head (10min. ) 23,00 €


Wrapping therapy

Peat wrap

Peat has all sorts of available nutrients, minerals and materials easily absorbing through the human skin. Rich in organic features, mainly humic acid, wax and enzymes. Has a good effect to renewing skin cells, is antibacterial and increases immunity. Its structure helps the blood flow, increases the activity of the muscles and joints. It heals eczema and reduces orange skin.

Application: the back, the neck, knees, joints

Partial wrap (20min.) 10,00 €

Thermal wrap
Thermal wrap is used for relaxing the muscles, joints and overheating the body.
Application: the back, local

Partial wrap (20min.) 10,00 €